People Have Spoken

People vote can increase your sales.

The Global united of innovative brands is an innovation program focusing on new products in the marketplace. Winners are selected based on voting by real consumers who participate in The Award survey and our jury comments. This program gives people a chance to honor their favorite product in the field of innovation and new technology.

In addition to voting, consumers provide their feedback on their media habits, purchasing behaviors, interests, attitudes and much more. This information is provided to participating companies and gives marketers valuable consumer insights in the area of new products and innovation.

This program can lead you to achieve People Trust but is more than just a feel-good award – it’s a powerful tool. The numbers speak for themselves.

It is the goal of the people trust award to be the most credible and most influential award in each industry. To ensure this, the program follows a rigorous process of product selection, category definition and research.

When the product has been audited and approved by our auditors, the product information will upload in our website for voting by customers and consumers based on five criteria.

The time of voting for each product is limited!

Each person can take part and vote on the nominated products. The average is taken from all users and the analytic report sent to nominees.

Every year in each industry we announce the winner of people trust award who can celebrate its achievement by people.