Voting System

Voting System

Our voting system enables you to understand the contribution of your innovative product to business results and society. It brings together market, competitor, and new product into a single framework within which a product’s performance can be assessed, a roadmap for improvement identified, and the impact of your product in the industry quantified.

The process of evaluating the talent and effort of the innovative products is a tremendously difficult job which requires all the knowledge and experience our judges can bring to the task.

There are several criteria for inclusion in our survey. The product must be truly innovative and came up from original idea. It must have presence in the major markets.

In order to reach a fair verdict when evaluating a product, we have created our evaluation system based on the following five main criteria:

1. Creativity:

is a new and valuable product or services that meets a need or can solve a problem

2. Design:

means the shape and appearance of the product. It also refers to, how the product looks, feels, sounds, tastes or smells.

3. Functional Ability:

means the working of the product. That is, how the product works. It is very important because the product will sell only if it works as expected.

4. Packaging:

means the enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use.

It also refers to the additional characteristics that enhance the appeal of the product or service to the user specially in services.

5. Useful:

means product/service has good effects. It should not damage environment or harmful for human being


Submission Process

When you submit a product to us, it must first be audited by our team who check that it meets the minimum requirements in order to then be sent to the jury. 

Nominees and Voting System

Once your product has been approved, your product information will uploaded in our website for voting by customers and consumers

Your product information and our audit report is sent to our jury and scored by eight judges.

All users can take part and vote on the nominated products. The average is taken from all nine scores giving us the final result

Our system gathers all nine scores and applies the following algorithm in order to obtain the final result.

40%Creativity + 20%Design + 10%Functionalability + 10%Packaging + 20%Useful = Final Score