Assessment Programs

Assessment Programs

Assessment Programs

We challenge and help you to create and improve the innovation management system in your company, also you can become our member for one year and get some services from us.

Benefits of the one year membership in IB Global:

● You will be authorized to use our logo for one year After registering in the website

● Your innovative brand and innovative product will be exhibited on the website

● Your innovation will be recognize globally

● Our jury panel that include experts in innovation and industries will give their scientific comments on the innovative product

● We create a safe space for people, so they can send their real votes and comments about the innovative product then we will send the feedback to you

● You can build connection and have meetings with other innovators

● You will beinvited to all of our events during the year for free

● All of our publications including standards and guidelines will send to you

All our auditors, jury and consultants will train and help you to raise your brand in international competition.

We have winners in 3 sections based on the innovation assessment program:

Innovative Brand:

The 1st step to enter in our program is being audited. Our approved auditors will assess and audit your company based on our standards and guidelines.

Our audit focus on the following parameters:

- Level of the innovative products/services

- Impact of the innovation on the customers and industry

- Support of the workplace design and product design from the innovation

- Innovation management system

- Existence of the innovation culture in the organization

- Managing the Intellectual Property assets

If our auditors approve your company, you will be recognized as the Innovative Brand and a certificate and award will be issue and we register your organization.

Innovative Product:

The Innovative Brands can participate in the innovative product program based on our voting system. The audit report and product information send to our jury so they can assess the product. Our jury give their comments and suggestions to the clients and give the scores in 5 areas:

- Creativity

- Design

- Functional ability

- Packaging

- Usefulness

After judging the nominated products, our jury announce the innovative product and we register the innovative product so we can help you to protect your innovation.

People Trust

Innovative brands can also participate in the People Trust program, this is a powerful tool to get the end users feedback and comments about your innovation. The People Trust only issue when the average of the people votes reach the acceptable level.