We train, consult and assess organizations in the field of innovation. Our approach is based on our standards, guidelines and publications that developed by our scientific board including auditors, juries and universities professors.

The global center of innovative brands specifies requirements for innovation systems, and also, develops criteria for innovative products / services for innovation measurement where organizations aim to enhance customer satisfaction through the innovative products or services.

We are helping organizations to new ideas, innovations and new markets to build a better world.

We believe in eight principles of innovation:

● Curiosity: Innovation begins when we take what we see and apply it to the task at hand

● Play: Games and Role-playing can open our eyes to new possibilities and insights

● Intuition: There are plenty of things that we know and sense are right, but we often forget them

● Collaboration: Think of your customers and suppliers as experts and call on them as a massive innovation team

● Diversity: Imagine what you can learn from people who don’t use your products, from professionals in other fields, or those in different parts of your organization

● Failure: Innovate organizations create the space and license for trial and error. They know that learning from failure can lead to success

● Courage: You need passion and belief to make things happen and to take people with you

● Momentum: A single idea isn’t enough to make your business innovative. Momentum comes from creating a culture of innovation where ideas are constantly being generated and systems support, rather than hinder, bringing them to market.

We provide you with the publications and standards in English language you will need for innovation improvement. The abstract of documents are available here, but for access to full documents please contact us.

No.   Title Ref. number   Revision Date
 Guideline for Innovative workplace  GW2520-03  6/25/2003
 Innovation management system standard  IS73-05  7/18/2005
 Innovative products/services criteria  IC21-09  02/06/2009
 Intellectual Property management guideline  IG5040-04  03/04/2004
5 Product Design guideline PDG767-12 11/18/2012