Logo Usage

Logo Usage

Logo Usage

Logo Usage

The use of the certificate, award and certification logo by our winners shall be governed by this policy. 

Our winners will be issued with a certificate and award, in accordance to the standards that they have been assessed to, only if the findings of the audit assessment have been validated by the jury and people the justification decision to certify have been granted.

Our clients may use the certification logo for promotional purposes such as:

● Quotations for work;

● Products or on product packaging

● Website;

● General Reports;

● Company stationery;

● Brochures; and

● Advertising

Only our members, committees and winners are allowed to use our logo and our short name in accordance with our Policies. Our members and committees may contact us at info@ib-global.org to find out how to best use our trademarks. All others are generally not allowed to use our trademarks.